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Our standard performance lineup, here at Mulligan's Pub in Fort Collins
Mulligan Stew -- 200+ Years of Irish Musical Leftovers


Our steadiest gig is at the Cheshire Cat Brewpub, where we play every Tuesday night. Here's a shot of us there, of all things.



Here's our old Tuesday night regulars; from left to right, Tim, Josh, and Mike.

Heeeere's Phillip!


The Cheshire Cat had us back for a gig the day before Thanksgiving, so our brave-and-true webmaster borrowed a digital camera and let fly with the photos. Here's some action pictures of the boys.

The band, as always, is at their best before they actually get there.

Mike & Tim (from left to right) started it off right quick--not that they hadn't already polished off most of their beers.

Tim swore off singing Mary Mack at high altitudes, like he usually does, but he always comes back for more.

A note on rebel songs: for maximum effect, sing with great volume and heavy-hitting rhythmic backup in the most heavily British place you can find.

The whole upper floor of the Cheshire Cat sang along for Finnegan's Wake... for once, we weren't the only ones merrily making fools of ourselves.

Never before has anyone in the audience gone out of their way to sing along with Tim, but the guy in the middle surprised us all--with Tim's own book in his hands, of all things.

Conclusive proof that Tim is, in fact, a bonehead.

"Good night, and joy be with you all." Joy was certainly with the guys--those are their second beers that they're finishing off.

Josh was at the show, too--not as a singer, but in his official capacity as webmaster and pack horse.

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